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Once you've paid your registration fee, you will receive an email. The email will have log in details for our Parent Portal. In the Parent Portal will be student registration forms. 

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Someone will reach out to you by phone, to welcome you. This is also a time when we can answer all of your questions. We will also confirm your students official start date and time. 

Benefits of Tutoring

Every student can benefit from tutoring.....

  • Individualized attention: Private or group sessions, our students are able to get the individualized attention they need. 

  • Tailored Learning. During tutoring, we are able to tailor their sessions to their needs. We are able to access students and meet them at their true academic levels. 

  • Teachers/Experience, we have a variety of tutors that specialize in certain subjects. We are able to match the student and tutor according to their needs and learning styles. Most of tutors are teachers are very familiar with many district curriculums which is also a plus when it comes to providing strategies. 

Frequently asked questions

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions....

How long is Private Tutoring Sessions?

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